Monday, October 10, 2011

october 10 -14

Beer and Cheddar Soup I liked it...Eric thought it had a bit of a tanginess (if that's a word) to it, not sure if that was from the smoked cheddar or the beer I used. I think we'll try this again with different cheeses. I thought it should have been a little bit thicker too.

Butternut Squash Soup Love this soup! Again, I kind of blend two different recipes for this one. Had leftover bacon from the beer soup so I topped the soup with it.

Burgers and brussel sprouts Thought the nice weather would hold out and we could grill out our England Acres burgers....not so lucky. I used the grill pan instead. It did the trick but not the same as grilling out. The brussel sprouts turned out to be a flop. I started roasting them before I needed to pick Cullen up from school, so I turned off the oven when we needed to pick him up but left the sprouts in the oven to continue cooking. I guess the oven stays hotter than I thought because they were over cooked. Also, I didn't have anchovies and then I forgot to add in the capers altogether.

Chicken Mole Torta paired with our CSA wax beans...good stuff!

Eggplant with Nido's Sauce can't go wrong with Nido's sauce and fried CSA eggplant!