Monday, July 11, 2011

farmer market jackpot

  • Tilapia, beets and zucchini blossoms Guess we must have been hungry when we went to the farmer's market on Saturday; because not only did we pick up a heavy CSA box, we hit the other stands too! We picked up some beets and zucchini blossoms! Did you know that beet tops are edible?!? So I roasted the beets wrapped in foil on 375 for alittle over an hour. The skins are much easier to peel roasted! For the beet tops, I sauteed them with some olive oil/salt/pepper. The were really tasty...Eric thought they were more tender than other greens (like chard or collards) and the held up better than spinach. If you haven't ever fried zucchini blossoms, you need too! I filled them with goat cheese and herbs (rosemary and tarragon) and Eric fried them. We got the tilapia from Trouts and seasoned it and Eric grilled it...super easy and quick!
  • Crabcake, potatoes and kohlrabi Can't take credit for the crabcake...we bought them from Trouts. The CSA potatoes were sliced and sauteed with olive oil/salt/pepper and then the dash of white wine at the end. Another vendor at the market had kohlrabi...neither Eric and I had ever had it so we decided to give it a try. It's a purple color but once you peel it, it's white. You can eat them raw or cooked so again I sauteed them a bit. They tasted alittle like a mild broccoli.

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  1. I have total food envy right now. You guys make the best meals, I swear! And it seems so effortless! I struggle just to figure out 1-dish casseroles made from multiple canned items. We signed up to receive a regular CSA box, so I will have to consult this blog more...